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Our team is eager to help your organization design solutions, guide its design research, facilitate its creative processes and boost its culture of innovation.

Organizations that have a need for innovation can rely on our team of seasoned creative professionals. We will build a dedicated team to collaborate with you and your organization on this challenge and to secure a way of working that can last – even after our collaboration has wound down.

We like to include junior designers and students in the programs connected to our academy. That offers them a great learning experience, and it offers you more value for money.

Working with us is especially interesting if your aim is...

to involve users and stakeholders

A workshop run by one of our coaches.
Jens writing on a whiteboard

to understand the real underlying problem

to come up with crisp new perspectives

What can your organization expect from a collaboration with Fundamentals Agency?

We offer three different types of collaboration, tailored to your organisation's needs. Feel free to reach out to us to further explore what best fits your quest.

1. Designers

If your challenge requires a team of seasoned designers, we can offer a design team where the professional designers take lead. We might include students as support, but the focus is on a full-service process.  We keep working on your challenge until it’s done and ensure a professional outcome.

Students acksing their target audience questions.
Presenting all the insights the student came up with.

2. Collaboration

Does your challenge call for some fresh energy, but also require a concrete and operable outcome? Then we recommend a collaboration between students and professional designers to tackle your design question. This combination is golden, because it combines the extensive work and extensive research of students, with the sharp focus of a professional designer. The designer guides the students throughout and upgrades the work afterwards to make the implementation of the results in your company easier.

3. Students - fresh energy

If your challenge requires some extensive research and a quick iteration, we recommend working with our students. Working with students will generate a lot of fresh energy around the project. We will guide the students in conducting thorough design research and coming up with various solutions. For the students, working with real clients is a great learning opportunity. The learning process is key in the project and expectations are adjusted accordingly.

Our design driven approach

The design process is a structured method, that allows us to take it one step at a time. Per project, we can quickly assess where we should start and what we should do.

What people say

“I assisted in developing a Design Thinking training program for KLM trainees from management, IT and finance. Such programs typically involve lectures and training material, but since Fundamentals focuses on interaction, they are able to search for a solution together with the client. Everyone walks 360 degrees around the problem in order to observe it from all angles. You may discover that the solution is very different from what you expected.”
Andy Cambeen
A former student in the Co-Design Studio minor program, who also did an internship with Fundamentals Agency
“Imagine a client asks you to design a particular app. Instead of simply starting to design it, we start by asking the client: Why do you want that app? We try to step back and take a completely open-minded and unbiased approach, asking ourselves and the client: Will this really help? In the end, we might design something completely different in order to meet the client’s actual needs.”
Anne Zeegers
A former participant in the Designer’s Identity program
"Healthcare professionals often come up with solutions too quickly, without analyzing the problem from all angles and perspectives. Fundamentals challenges them to do precisely the latter. We need healthcare professionals who dare to be creative, who are not afraid to raise questions about daily practices, who can discover the room they have to execute their plans and have the nerve to put it on the agenda within their organization. This is how they will be able to offer tailor-made healthcare.”
Charlotte Verhagen
Nursing teacher at MBO Utrecht

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