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Fundamentals was founded in 2017. We are designers and coaches firmly rooted in our respective fields of work. We work mainly for universities that want to incorporate our way of thinking in their curriculum, or organisations that want to apply our way of working to one of their challenges.

“I’m proud to work with a growing team of Fundamentals coaches, with lots of knowledge and experience. We are ready to step into your organization, whether this is a university or a company. Let’s create magic together.”

Jens Gijbels
Managing Director and Founder

How we work

The Fundamentals way of working is rooted in the traditional design process. It includes a variety of phases that we go through, although two phases are easiest to recognise:

1: Understand the challenge to its core, including sharing valuable user insights

2: Come up with crisp and novel ideas, that are tested and validated.

We can cover the full process, or cover parts of it, based on what the challenge requires. Our team of experts can quickly help set up the outline for this.

Our studio

Over the years, we have found that the physical space you work in has an incredible impact on your work. Therefore, we are always eager to create the best possible work environment. Our headquarters is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our studio is part of the Studiomakers concept, offering space for the work field and educational programs of the creative industry to share spaces and have natural encounters.

Succes stories

"Fundamentals feels more like a group of friends rather than a company with colleagues."
Andy Cambeen
Student minor Co-Design
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"At school I missed being able to work for real clients and designing things that would really be used in practice."
Jasper van 't Wel
Student minor Co-Design
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"Fundamentals is one of my yearly power sources. They are very productive and give me good vibes"
Charlotte Verhagen
Nursing teacher MBO Utrecht
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"The network I developed during the Designer's Identity programme is invalueable."
Anne Zeegers
Designer's Identity Alumni
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About personal Growth and Sparking innovation

What makes Fundamentals special? The close-knit team is a mix of senior and junior staff, and young proffessionals are offered unique opportunities. Productivity is high. They work hard and celebrate successes. Fundamentals explores the boundaries of innovation, creating a new interface between design agencies and education...

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