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We aim to thoroughly understand the underlying cause of a problem, rather than to offer a quick fix. We complete the design process in collaboration with the stakeholders. This way we can design the best solution. As a result, we not only react to the world we live in, but we also try to understand it and help shape it.

What we do

Our team is eager to work with you. We specialize in designing innovative solutions, facilitating creative processes, and boosting your team's culture of innovation. In the education space, we design environments that encourage students to learn and grow into creative professionals.

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What people say

“Fundamentals feels more like a group of friends rather than a company with colleagues. They are good at celebrating successes and there is always time for a treat. Fundamentals taught me to open my mind and not just rely on my own assumptions. It is the end user who should be in the lead during the design process, not me as a designer. Design thinking is a method to break complex problems down to the essentials.”
Andy Cambeen
A former student in the Co-Design Studio minor program, who also did an internship with Fundamentals Agency
"Creative thinking is useful in all matters of life. It not only makes you more flexible and capable of surprising yourself, but it’s also more fun. You need creative thinking to be able to cope with your job and your profession, because if you don’t see any room for improvement, there’s a good chance that you will quit after a couple of years."
Charlotte Verhagen
Nursing teacher at MBO Utrecht

Our current programs

We need more creative minds with a spark. Therefore, we are offering educational programs for senior students and junior professionals. These are our most iconic programs. Moreover, we partner with universities across Europe to boost creative thinking in a variety of curricula.

The War Room

Join the Fundamentals War Room for a transformative journey with a small group of participants and coaches.

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Noortje writing down research from the field.

Co-Design Studio

Work in our inclusive & systemic design studio on real-life cases with professionals from the work field.

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About Idealism and Pushing Boundaries

What is the impact of Fundamentals? Fundamentals' educational programmes are geared to the personal and professional development of students and young graduates. And the senior junior professionals in their team want to work towards a better world. So, why shouln't they combine the two...

Read the full article here
Read the full article here

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