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Code of Conduct Fundamentals

Vision Fundamentals

We empower professionals through creativity. As a creative professional you are never done learning anddeveloping. Fundamentals helps you do just that.

Fundamentals Academy is a dynamic international community of design professionals. We activelydevelop, teach, and apply the creative skills needed most to understand complex societal issues andcreate impact. We believe in collaborative creativity. Lasting impact can only be achieved through collaboration. That's why we connect worlds: bringing education, business, and research together. This allows us to design effective and sustainable solutions.

How we work together

Fundamentals cannot be entirely safe, only safer. In a world that can be quite harsh and tiring towards minorities, queer people, women, differently abled etc. To make it a better place we have 10 commandments. Those commandments apply to everybody involved in any way with Fundamentals, also in informal settings.

1. We respect the Dutch law
2. We appreciate and celebrate differences
3. We don't engage in (sexual) relationships with students
4. We are inclusive
5. We speak up to ensure a safer place to everybody
6. We ask for consent
7. We are all responsible and take responsability
8. We keep communicating
9. We help each other and we ask for help
10. We celebrate our successes.

For clarification, support, or to answer any questions that may rise regarding this code of conduct, you can reach out to Francine Groenewoud - Knüppe (Life coach within Fundamentals, +316-42171781). You can also reach out to Sarah Wartena (+316- 21611276), who is not involved within Fundamentals, if this suits your question better.

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