Crash Courses

Are you ready to boost some inspiration and some fresh energy into your team? In our Crash Course, we facilitate several high-paced and short workshops in one afternoon. Because of the diverse expertise in our coachteam we can offer a wide range of short workshops. We therefore have a 'Crash Course Menu' from which you can choose and combine, to make the afternoon most valuable.

Based on the needs of your team, we put together a carousel of Crash Courses. In blocks of half an hour, participants dive into different topics, often project-related, or connected to developing professional or personal skills. The Crash Courses are high-paced and high-energy. The short workshops can serve as an introduction to a topic you want to focus more on with your team, or to get participants out of their everyday mindset.

These are the Crash Courses we are currently offering:


The Specifics of our Crash Courses

Please make sure to take note of the following points when booking a workshop.

  • Our recommendation is to choose a total of four Crash Courses per day-part.

  • For the Crash Courses we will arrange an external location, where we can use different rooms.

  • Group size: 20 to 100 participants.

Collaborations we are proud of

What people say

“Recently, I had the opportunity to take an afternoon crash course with 3 other students that included short and fast-paced workshops where discovering my inner self was the higher goal. Each workshop lasted half an hour. Here I discovered what makes me happy, by using music, drawing and writing to come to myself. Beforehand I had my doubts about the results of the crash course about my inner self, but afterwards I am only proud and happy that I was allowed to do this. The coaches have contributed enormously to this. Thank you for that!”
Chris Siepel
A former participant of the workshop

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Looking for something unique? Don't hesitate to contact us! We would be delighted to tailor a program to perfectly fit the needs of your team.

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