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We believe in collaborative creativity. Lasting impact can only be achieved through collaboration. That's why we connect worlds: bringing education, business, and research together. This allows us to design effective and sustainable solutions.

What we do

We offer tailored learning and development programs for companies, teams, and professionals. We are experts in designing education. Curious what we can do for you? Go to our "What We Do" page. Curious about our history? go to our "Five Years of Fundamentals page".

Some of our programs

In our programs we use project-based learning, creative teaching methods, and we develop critical thinking. Read more about some of our programs here.

girl with post it's, contemplating

The War Room

Visualise information from your life to reveal patterns and gain insight.

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Noortje writing down research from the field.

Co-Design Studio

Work on real-life cases in our inclusive & systemic design studio.

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About Idealism and Pushing Boundaries

What is the impact of Fundamentals? Fundamentals' educational programmes are geared to the personal and professional development of students and young graduates. And the senior junior professionals in their team want to work towards a better world. So, why shouln't they combine the two...

Read the full article here
Read the full article here

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