iChoosr is a rapidly growing organisation that operates from their offices in Amsterdam, London, and Antwerp. Their growing team of (junior) professionals are invited to contribute pro-actively in the organisation and is even asked to come up with new project proposals themselves. To further boost the innovation mindset within the organisation, iChoosr asked us to organise a one-day Design Thinking training for all of their employees. Together with their strategic leader, we built a program based on 4 pitfalls that might occur when applying Design Thinking.

It all happened in Leuven

With a team of 9 Fundamentals design coaches and 2 project leaders we went to Leuven, to guide their 100+ employees in a day full of Design Thinking workshops. The workshopday was designed and organised by our team. The client facilitated the location, which was the former Stella Artois brewery. A beautiful, creative building that now serves as an event location.

During this day, our team offered a plenary introduction and recap, as framework for our four workshops that ran simultaneously. The participants where split into 4 diverse teams, and stayed in these teams for the entire day, visiting one workshop at a time.

The goal of each workshop, was to provide the participants with some more depth to the Design Thinking approach. The workshops (roughly 1,5h each) allowed the participants to experience and recognize these pitfalls, in engaging ways. We offered deep listening exercises on the roof terrace in the sun, exchanging deep personal experiences, used clay to express early prototypes and thoughts, had a pressure cooker styled ideation session to come up with many ideas quickly, and did extreme reframing exercises to boost potential in any assignment given.  

This project is a nice example of a tailor made program, based on the specific needs of our client. In this case the workshops were given by members of our senior coach team and supported by branded materials for iChoosr.

Watch a short video of the Design Thinking Workshop via our Instagram
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