Jumbo Omnichannel Design Challenge

Jumbo is one of the leading supermarkets in our country. For the last years, the online opportunities for doing groceries have been rooted in our society (e.g. using their app to learn about discounts or order groceries online for either pick-up or delivery). One of the most current challenges around, is how to find a way to connect to the clients via various channels simultaneously, and build a connection through them.

In-house Design Sprint at Jumbo

With a group of 7 students we spent a week working in-house with the Online Design Team of Jumbo, in their headquarters. Guided by a team of 4 Fundamentals coaches, the students conducted research at the Veghel experience store into potential omnichannel concepts. In just five days we guided the students through a human centered design process. The way of working was done pressure-cooker style: collecting a lot of insights at a fast pace. The students did this through talking to Jumbo customers, during interviews, rapid prototyping, and testing.

Learn more about this project via this LinkedIn post
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